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How to Prevent Freezing Water Pipe Breaks & Leaks in Montpelier Hills

In late October or early November, night-time temperatures start to drop below freezing. That is the time to take these simple precautions to prevent your outside water pipes from freezing this winter -- to avoid possible damage from burst pipes.
  • Turn off the two inside shut-off valves (usually near the hot water heater or water meter) that feed water to the front and rear outside water faucets.
  • Then open the outside faucets. 
  • Then unscrew and remove the little "air bleed" caps on the side of each of the shut-off valves.
  • In most Montpelier Hills homes there is a positive pressure fitting with a plastic tab in the throat of each outside faucet.
  • For each outside faucet, tilt that tab sideways to ensure that all the water drains out.
  • Now close the outside faucets. 
  • Finally, replace the air bleed caps on the interior shut-off valves -- finger tight, no tools -- so they don't get lost or leak when you turn the water on again in the Spring.