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Deal Reached with Town House Developer


Our continued vigilance and negotiations have paid off - a deal has been reached with Berman Enterprises, Prince George's County Councilman Dernoga, and the MH HOA and Rec Boards to resolve the remaining issues with the 211 townhouse Specific Design Plan (SDP). An amenities package has been negotiated, sidewalks will be included, off-site mitigation will occur, and design features will ensure a consistent community character.

Representatives from the Boards are attending the Planning Board hearing to voice our support for the SDP with the conditions that address our issues. A draft of those conditions is included in the County Staff Report, which is available at
The conditions start on page 18 under the header RECOMMENDATION. Please note that previous revisions of the drawings already address some of these conditions. The final conditions will be available after the hearing.

While you are welcome to attend the hearing, as is your right as a citizen, your Boards no longer need your attendance to show opposition to the plan.

Very quickly after the hearing, we'll provide more details on the resolution of the remaining issues, the outcome of the hearing, the final conditions, and our next steps.

Yes - there will be next steps so we still need MH residents to join the MHIWG to help us moving forward. Email Gary Stone at to be added to the [MH Residents Only] email list for meeting announcements. Keep visiting the MH Community Web site at for updates [see New Town Houses in MH ].

Thank you for your support through this process.

Judy Gretsch MH HOA Secretary

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