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MAPs of SCMAGLEV Route J-1 West Through Montpelier Hills

  • South Laurel Community Associations Leaders Network (SLCAL)
  • Montpelier Hills
  • MD-23 Senator Peters
  • MD-23A Delegate Valentino-Smith
  • MD-21 Senator Rosapepe 
  • MD-21 Delegates Peña-Melnyk; Barnes; Lehman
  • Prince George's County Councilman Dernoga 
  • Citizens Against The SCMAGLEV
  • All South Laurel residents (via this post)
Based on the SCMAGLEV Alternatives Report published today, 11/15, (below) here are three maps of how Route J1 (West) cuts through Montpelier Hills.

Those new maps show that the revised J-1 West route No Longer transects Montpelier Hills homes and is now farther from Sumner Grove homes, but some homes are still too close to the trains, some homes within 65 feet. 

Below is a link to the full SCMAGLEV Alternatives Report (and REVISED MAP) published today, 2018.11.15 AND initial excerpts/comments of concern.

PLEASE familiarize yourself with the Report and submit YOUR COMMENTS Now and Continuingly.