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Apr 20 UPDATE: WSSC advises Montpelier Hills of 341 days extensive sanitary sewer lines rehabilitation work

UPDATE April 20, 2016 :

The following information is provided by the Montpelier Hills HoA management company:

Please post the attached notice to the MH News website regarding sewer line maintenance by WSSC that is scheduled to begin in May. 

Note that there will be significant disturbance to the common grounds between and behind 9220-9330 Ispahan Loop (even) and 12200-12242 Apache Tears Circle (even). 

Include the attached [2014] notice [where] WSSC assured the Association that they will deliver notices to all nearby homes with details before the work begins, replace any amenity (exercise stations(s), asphalt path) that needs to be removed and restore the grounds to the original condition.

Previously posted info: